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Cardamom (Small) 

Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum maton

Family: Zingiberaceae

Hindi Name: Elachi 

General Description: Cardamom is the dried fruit of a herbaceous perennial, with branched subterranean rhizomes. The warm, humid climate, loamy soil with rich in organic matter and distributed rainfall makes Indian cardamom unique in aroma, flavor and size. 

Geographical Sources: Southern India and Sri Lanka. Indian cardamom is slightly smaller, but more aromatic. Guatemala has become the most important producer today. InIndia its is mainly grown in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka 

Composition -> The content of essential oil in the seeds is strongly dependant on storage conditions, but may be as high as 8%.  

  cardamom small

Harvesting -> Cardamom is harvested during August and March. 

Taste and Aroma Sweet and aromatic, very pleasant. 

Varieties ->

Bold : Popular Export Grade. 90% and above capsules will be having 6.5mm and above dia, matured and Greenish color. Lt. Wt. will be 415 gms Yellow/Black/open cardamom removed

Super Bold: A very special variety. All capsules will be matured greenish and having above 8 mm dia. Lt. Wt. will be more than 450 gm. Can not see any yellow/Black/open cardamom

Extra Bold : Best in the Export market. All capsules will be matured, greenish and having 7 mm and above dia. Lt. Wt. will be 435 gm. Yellow/Black/open cardamom will be removed

Bulk: This is the grade of cardamom produced as it is. This grade will contain all size, matured and immature capsules, black, yellow and splited cardamom. This is to be graded

Small : Small size cardamom having size between 5.5mm and 6.5mm. Cleaned and removed dust, husk and black capsules. Lt. Wt. will be around 385 gms

Open / Splits : More than 60% capsules will be in open condition and the color may be partly greenish/pale yellow. All capsules will be matured and the size are 6.5mm and above

Seeds : Black / Brown colour seeds are the original content in every cardamom capsule. The husk were fully removed. Lt. Wt may be around 550 gm to 600 gm

Fruit : Fruits are generally over matured capsules with slight yellowish in color and Lt. Wt. over 425 gm

Standard Export Grades:-

AGEB Alleppey Green Extra Bold
Size 7mm above wt/lt 435 gms.

AGB Alleppey Green Bold
Size 6mm above wt/lt 415gms

AGS Alleppey Green Superior
Size 5mm above wt/lt 385 gms

AGS-1 Alleppey Green Shipment Green-1
Size 4mm above wt/lt 350gms

AGS-2 Alleppey Green Shipment Green-2
Size 4mm above wt/lt 320gms

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